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Health Benefits of Adding Plants to Your Office

Recently, I read an article about the health benefits of adding plants to your office. I immediately rushed out and picked up some small plants and a planter. I have not had much luck with houseplants in the past. I am hoping to be more successful this time around. Outdoor gardening is more my thing; not sure why I have issues with keeping houseplants alive.

I once bought a huge schefflera to give as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I had opened a window behind the plant the night before I was to present the gift to a friend. In the morning all the leaves were lying on the floor from the draft. This plant is considered one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Not under my care!

I have also tried growing cactus and had dismal results. Apparently, I gave them too much attention and over-watered. In the 70’s I had spider plants, so that I could make macramé hangers for them. The hangers didn’t look so hot once the plants died.

Now snake plants are an exception. I have had those and they are almost indestructible. I really didn’t like the plants and neglected them terribly.

My favorite houseplant is the African violet. My grandmother used to have a bunch of violets in her bay window. They were in constant bloom and were simply lovely. African violets are tedious to keep alive. They thrive on bright but not direct sunlight. I have killed so many African violets, I have lost count. I am ready to give them another try. I will be starting out with a deep purple plant.

African Violet
The health benefits of having plants in your office

Supposedly, having plants in your office can reduce anxiety, depression, hostility and fatigue. If I am understanding this correctly, staff members should have a significant uplift in their spirits if they have a plant on their desk. Lowered blood pressure, improved memory and concentration are also attributed to having plants in an office environment. It is a well-known fact that houseplants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This alone is a great reason to start purchasing a few plants for your office.

I am encouraging the people that I work with to bring in a plant for their desk. Who knows, we may all get downright giddy if everyone gets on board with this idea.