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MA's Gift Books

Discovering Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory

Twice a year I attend a used book fair put on by the Friends of the Loveland Public Library. My delight during the outing is finding little gift books to give to my friends throughout the year. At each event, I fill a big bag with gift books. When I return home, I sit in my over-stuffed chair and place all the books on the ottoman that goes with the chair. I then proceed to read through the books and match up the books to the special people in my life.

Occasionally, I come across a book in the pile that I simply cannot pass along and I end up adding it to my own collection. This year, as I was reading through the pile of books on the ottoman, I discovered Everyday Matters a Memoir by Danny Gregory. The memoir starts out with an extreme tragedy. I had the thought that this book couldn’t possibly have any bright moments if it revolved around the tragic event that occurs in the beginning of the book. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was filled with bright spots.

The illustrations in Everyday Matters are whimsical and inspiring. They encourage me to start carrying a journal and begin to draw the everyday things in my own life; the little things that are easily overlooked. I have become an instant fan of Danny Gregory and will now look for other books he has written.